Its my first time…

Welcome to Triathlon Redditch – We’re happy to have you along. Hopefully this will help you answer any questions about your first few sessions with us.

Our main training session is on a Sunday afternoon, at the Abbey Stadium starting at 3pm. We meet in the lobby at about 2:45pm so we can get through any admin that may need doing, sign in and pay the session subs (£5 per week for both sessions/£4 swim only). You’ll spot us by the light blue hoodies with the Triathlon Redditch logo on the back. If you cant get through the gates then just tell the reception staff you’re with the Triathlon club and they should let you through.

All of our sessions on a Sunday consist of two disciplines, the first session being a run or cycle (spin session in winter) followed with pool swim. Please check either on this website or on our Facebook group for details of which disciplines we are doing. You don’t have to take part in both if you don’t want to, but we encourage everyone to join us for both, we cater for everyone. All abilities are welcome here.

The first couple of sessions are subs only. We don’t expect you to join straight away, and after this we ask you to become a member. Subs are still payable as a member.

Our annual membership begins in April, it’s £15.50. We also offer winter only membership at £10.50 which starts in October. You can join the club online here

A couple of questions we’re often asked by new starters:

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Here is a quick guide.

Q: Will I be able to keep up?
A: We cater for all abilities, so yes, you will! On weeks when we have 6 lanes in the pool (some weeks we have three, when we share with the Special Olympics) we have a lane and a Coach dedicated to technique and the teaching of front crawl. When we cycle we have groups at different speeds but no one is left behind, and the same when we run. We often have run sessions where everyone runs the same course and you are rarely out of sight of another runner.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask on Sunday, or you can contact Sue Turner, our Membership Secretary or any other member of the committee.