Go Tri Duathlon 3 Feb 2019 – Results and Photos

Please find results from todays Go Tri Duathlon here. I hope you
enjoyed our first event of the year!

All the photos are available on Flickr

Please let me know if you’d rather not have your photo on Flickr and I
can remove them as necessary.

We are hosting the following other events this year as well:

Go Tri Duathlon at Abbey Stadium on 3rd March (Bike outdoors)
Go Tri Triathlon at Abbey Stadium on 7th April (bike outdoors and pool
Sprint and Super Sprint “Triple Blue” triathlon at the Lenches, our
first ever Open Water Event, on 1st June.

If you’re interested or have any queries then please don’t hesitate to
contact me.



First triathlon 2016. Fast swimmer, slow runner