CFC Wattathon

Pacing is everything

Stuart Mackay

The Wattathon was a really good idea for a team event. There was loads of support from everyone including the guys that were clock watching. You could see everybody in the team was giving their very best for each other. Nothing better than a team event that is both challenging and enjoyable. – Sue T

Watts more fun than spending your weekend participating in a Wattathon? An hour of pure pain followed by an evening of recovery before doing it all again the following day? When you’re doing it for charity it makes it all a bit more bearable. Day 1 I had the added pressure of beating my distances from the last 2 year’s and after an hour of sweating and working do hard that even the thought of the jelly babies in my back pocket made me feel sick, I finished a whopping 26 watts average higher than last year! Turns out all this training malarchy really does pay off.

Breathe! No, you’re not going to die! And if Russell suggests a brick run because he’s competing with his wife, leg it to the car!

Vicky L

Great team watt bike session. It required mind over matter for me and my spin class music helped. Wished I’d gone with 3.5 gear instead of 3. Great team effort and roll on next year – John Legge

Take your inhaler!

Vicky L

Day 2 I was greeted to a lot of “I hope you’ve saved some for today”. Hmmmm no! However I’d learnt my lesson – pacing is key! Unfortunately it’s not one of my forces. Swimming, cycling and running- I’m always the same – start strong, end strong, die in the middle! This time was going to be a different. With an average watts to aim for I just started at that and stayed there for another sweaty hour. Once again I’d stripped down within the first 5 minutes and spent the next 60 minutes in a cycle of towel, water, breath, repeat. Somehow I found a bit more energy in the last 5 minutes and managed to beat my day 1 average watts (only just though!) All in all a great event that really pushes you to the point of exhaustion and ultimately resulted in me struggling to keep my legs afloat at the pool by Sunday evening! Same again next year team, especially now we have a distance to beat! Emilie T

Invest in expensive Dyson fans for a tail wind

Richard G

Be prepared to sweat and then sweat some more

Lisa R