Christmas Quiz and Awards Night 2018

December 7th saw Triathlon Redditch’s annual Christmas Quiz and Awards Night, this year held at the Cricket club in Alvechurch. Quiz-master John Legge provided us with the questions which ranged from the impossible (the Film Music round) via the now traditional Triathlon and Scottish questions (which Rhona managed answer correctly for a change), to the easier multi choice rounds. This was interspersed with a buffet that could have fed double the amount of Triathletes present, its amazing that the first things to go were the cakes – I’m sure that says something about us…. This was followed by our awards night. The winners are below. Special Congratulations to Stuart who was voted by his fellow Triathletes as Triathlete’s Triathlete 2018, and to Jayne Perry and Chris Barnes who were awarded Female and Male Triathlete of the year respectively.

Thanks need to go to Rhona for organising the Venue and the buffet, To John Legge for organising the quiz, and managing to keep us rabble under control, and to everyone who voted for and provided suggestions for awards. All that remains to be said, from all at the club Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Triathlete’s Triathlete 2018: Stuart Mackay
Male Triathlete 2018: Chris Barnes
Female Triathlete 2018: Jayne Perry
Novice Triathlete of the Year 2018: Amanda Husband
Swimmer of the Year 2018: Julie Rae
Cyclist of the Year 2018: Ashley Smith
Runner of the Year 2018: Vicki Lewis
Club Person 2018: Louise Morey

Male Club Championship Winner 2018: Richard Gallois
Female Club Championship Winner 2018: Kelly Massie

The Legge-end Award 2018: Richard Gallois
Injury of the Year 2018: Martin Potter
Triathlete who looks most like a Smurf 2018: “The Smurfettes” Louise Morey, Lily Dewhurst, Vicky Lewis and Carly Foster
Most fraudulent race win: Louise Morey
Master Draftsman: Richard Gallois
Unsung Hero: Ian Dickens
Ain’t you got no home to go to?: Julie Brown