Club Championship 2018

The Triathlon Redditch  Club Championship will be running again in 2018. The aim is to encourage club members to take part in events they may not usually, and to have a several events where there are lots of club members entering. Members will get points for competing in and/or marshaling any of the selected events, gaining more points for the better they place amongst Triathlon Redditch members. We will (hopefully) have a web page to display the points as it goes along, to make it more visible than last year.

The events that have been selected for this years championship are:

  • Triathlon Redditch GoTri Triathlon (Sunday 22th April)
  • Tempo Run for Beer Relay (Fri 25th May)
  • RLSS Ragley Crawl (Sat 3rd June)
  • TAG1234 (Fri 22nd June)
  • Droitwich Triathlon (Sun 22rd July)
  • Triathlon Redditch 9.8 Mile Time Trial (Wed 15th Aug)
  • Triathlon Redditch Midweek Quickie 5k (details and Date TBC)
  • Triathlon Redditch GoTri Triathlon (Date TBC)

The points will be calculated in the following way:

  1. You must be a club member to gain points.
  2. Men’s and Women’s points will be awarded separately, and there will be a Male and Female Champion.
  3. Points will be awarded for places 1 to 8 as follows: 100, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20.
  4. Every other member completing the event will receive 10 points.
  5. Members marshaling/orgainising will receive 25 points (unless they also race and score higher).
  6. 5 bonus points will be awarded for race reviews published on the Triathlon Redditch website for the events.
  7. Up to 4 events will count towards each members points total.
  8. In the event of a tie the following  criteria will be applied to determine the champion:
    1. Largest number of events completed.
    2. Highest placings in events.
    3. Most times marshalled/orgainised
    4. Coin toss!!

Good Luck everyone! I hope to see you all on the start line in 2018!