Kelly and Erin go to Denmark (European Middle Distance Championship)

So by some small miracle, after a performance I was disappointed with, at the 113 Middle Distance Triathlon in Aug 2016 I managed to qualify for the GB age group team for the European Champs in Denmark… along with fellow Triathlon Redditch  members, Louy and Erin.

Erin and I had decided we didn’t want all the stress and pressure of being in the GB hotel with fellow competitors but wanted a quieter build up so we booked a lovely little log cabin for our families and our best friends Rob Lily and Laura to stay with us…

So the night before we had to get all of our stuff ready in transition there were 2 transition areas (first time I’ve had that before) and where as Miss Roberts was as cool as a cucumber and taking my selfies in transition I was a nervous wreck!! Not only that but it had pi££ed it down for 3 days solid and everything in transition was looking pretty wet!! 😞

Race day arrived however and the sun was shining and it was in the 20s in heat! So the swim started… the less said about that the better I always go with just get round in one piece then the real work can start and as usual I came out of the swim pretty much at the back of the field!! With no sign of Erin who had been and gone and probably managed to have tea and cake too by the time I’d swum! I just saw Louy disappearing on her bike as I ran to get my bike. 38:03 I think was the swim time!!

Onto the bike, well my Ford Fiesta as I called it, that’s what it felt like as I plonked it in transition next to thousands of bikes worth 3 times as much!! However I had a great bike leg for me! It was a PB and with 3hrs almost dead I was more than happy with that … after bringing up the rear for nearly 4hrs I finally see my lovely best friend Erin in the run transition area!! I won’t tell you what she was doing I’ll leave that one for her to explain but it was made quite clear in the race briefing that “one was only allowed to urinate in ones own pants whilst moving forward!!!”

Onto the run leg and I managed to catch up with Erin in the first mile we had a little chat and then got on with the last part of our race, about 10-12km in I saw louy and we wished each other well and then it was the last mile and the race was done!!  Nothing will ever top running down that red carpet for the first time seeing my family and friends screaming and cheering!! 5:33hrs I was happy with that!

The course was lovely the – swim was a swim – I hate it. I have no comment. The bike course was fairly flat with one steady climb, but great road surfaces and lovely long stretches of road, and the run was 4 laps of the Herning town centre a bit boring but lots of people lined the roads and cheered.

A huge thank you to the tri club for helping sponsor our kits. I was super proud to compete with the Triathlon Redditch logo on my suit and thank you to all those members who were tracking and left such lovely comments it was lovely to read you constant commentary throughout the race afterwards!! Especially Kevin parsons !!  and a massive thanks to Tony ,Rob , Lily and Laura who came with us did everything for us from cooking our meals (Lily) carrying our kit and bikes (Rob and Tony) and shouting the loudest out of everyone (Laura!!!). Carlsberg don’t do support crews but if they did ….. xx