Go Tri Super Sprint Race Day Info and Results


We have just a few days to go until the Go Tri Super Sprint Triathlon being held on Sunday 17th September,  at The Abbey Stadium, Redditch. We hope your training has gone well.

Registration is open 2:15pm – 2:45pm. The relay teams will be first off at 3:10pm; followed by the other participants starting at 3:15pm. Slower swimmers will start first with participants being set off 30 seconds apart. There will be a swim brief only, so please ensure you read the following:

•       Please ensure you register BEFORE you put your bike and other items in transition.
•       Your race number will be given to you at registration. We will write it on your hand, arm and leg. We will also give you 2 stickers with your number on – one needs to go on your bike on the front crossbar, and the other on your helmet. You will not get into transition without these.
•       Please use the changing rooms beforehand – The lockers are 20p. You will need to store all of your personal belongings in there.
•       We will display a list of start times at registration – please make sure you check what time you are off. Please arrive poolside at least 10 minutes before your swim time for the briefing.
•       We recommend that tri suits or suitable swimwear is worn for the swim.
•       In transition we recommend that you have layered clothing. If it is cold / windy you may wish to also have a cycling / running jacket – remember you will be very wet! You will also need socks to run in, a towel  on the floor to put your items on and of course your cycling shoes / running shoes or both.  NB. please remember a spare pair of shoes, as once you put your running shoes in transition you will still need to get around – we do not recommend barefoot.
•       You will not be allowed back into the changing room to get changed or dry off after your swim.
•       Transition will be on the grass at the side of the Abbey Stadium – please be careful if it has rained overnight just in case it is slippy.
•       Due to new regulations, no boxes are allowed to remain in transition.
•       For the swim you must do either front crawl or breast stroke. Back stroke and butterfly are not permitted. Tumble turns are NOT allowed.
•       Your bike will need to be roadworthy (you may want to take with you on the course a bicycle puncture repair kit). Your bike will be checked as you enter transition by one of our marshals to ensure your numbers are in place, your bike is roadworthy and you have your helmet. Please ensure your handlebars have ends – without any you will not get into transition.
•       The cycle course is out and back and can be found on our website. Please familiarise yourself with the route. There will be marshals at the main junctions and at the turning point – they are NOT there to stop traffic. It is YOUR responsibility to stop, foot down, and look for oncoming traffic and move on when it is safe to do so. Please be careful with traffic coming out of side roads at the new housing estate on Church Hill Way.
•       The run course will be laps around the outside of the track and then onto the track. As you go around the outside of the track you will be given 2 bands. You will then come into the track and each lap you will hand your bands back in. Therefore, when you cross the finish line you will have no bands!
•       When you cross the finish line please show your number to the marshal. They will need your number to complete the finish times.
•       Finish times will be published within 48 hours.

Transition will shut at 3pm and will not reopen until the last cyclist has returned off the cycle course and started their run. Please DO NOT try and retrieve your bike beforehand. All bikes will be checked for the correct corresponding number on collection from transition, so please ensure you do not rub your number off our hand.

I will be around on the day if you wish to ask any questions, or you can email me before the day.

Good luck! I will see you Sunday.

Kind regards

Jayne Perry
Race Director