BRAT standard distance triathlon 2017

I took part in the Brat Standard distance triathlon for the 3rd time on Sunday and once again really enjoyed the challenge. There was little representation form Triathlon Redditch because of a cycle ride the same day but it was well attended in good weather.

An early start as always at 7.25am as we plunged into the water ski lake. It’s a very straightforward swim – out 750 back 750. The big problem was it was bright sunlight and sighting on the return leg very tricky.
I managed to follow a couple of guys and eventually saw the last buoy and exit flags. It was my best 1500m swim at just over 30 mins and up a grass slope to transition. It was a shame Stuart was DQ and DNF but the swim was really difficult for sighting.

The bike ride is slightly short of the standard 40km but generally fairly flat, The run is interesting and is basically 4 laps including the “hill of doom” .
What I like about this event is that its very well organised, not expensive say compared to the Avenger, excellent coffee shop, viewing areas for spectators and a technical tee shirt.
I finished 2.5 minutes quicker overall than the previous 2 times so very pleased. Lessons learned for me were practice transitions and ride hard on the bike all the time. I can definitely recommend it to others.

John Legge