Blithfield Sprint Triathlon

Well after being a member of the Tri club for Just over a year now I figured i had better actually do one rather than being a fraud (I have been wearing the hoodie with pride for over a year without actually having done one)

Anyway for those that didn’t know (I think I’ve told everyone about a million times) last July I had a cycling accident and could  not do any training until Dec 2016 – so i started and my journey began. Gareth Cushen pushed me to enter Blithfield tri just to get it over and done with  I agreed. I did hardly any training for 3 weeks due to work and then before I knew it – it was 5am on a Sunday morning and I was packing my car with cycle/trainers/tri kit – I have so changed, I used to be getting in at that time after clubbing.

Anyway I made my way to  Blithfield sailing club which is about an hr from Bham , I registered and then racked my 10yr old Boardman bike amongst loads of Argon/Trek/Ribble carbon fibre terminator looking cycles , prepped my kit and then I was ready – apart from needing three nervous trips to the loo.

The swim – well it was carnage for me , people with flailing arms and legs everywhere , kicking me in the face and all sorts – so I decided to let them all go and go at my own pace , I wasn’t alone – about 10 others also decided to follow my course of action , after that I found it so difficult to get a rhythm going and spent about 80% of my time doing breast stroke – anyway I finished the swim and had that usual dizzy feeling as I made my way to transition where I spent far too long trying to remove my wet suit (faffing about)

The bike – once on the bike , I felt comfortable , the route was great and well signposted and marshals everywhere. It was only a 20k so I could push a little harder ( except when it came to hills/inclines – i don’t like em much) – I finished the cycle and was fairly pleased with my 17.1mph average (that’s good for me).

The 5k run – my most comfortable part of the tri – I managed the flat 5k in 23.06 and as Darren Mansell said “if I can run that quick after the cycle , I didn’t push myself hard enough on the bike”

The event was well organised and I would recommend it to anyone. Overall I was really pleased to finally get my ‘first tri’ out of the way and under my belt – it’s highlighted lots of areas where I need to improve. Big thanks to all at the tri club for all their advice and guidance over the last year and now ….. onto the next one !!!

Tony Tee 🏊🏼🚴🏽🏃🏼