Tewksbury Aquathlon Series Race 4

Well what a beautiful Sunday spring morning for Tewkesbury Aquathlon number 4 in the series and last one before the Triathlon season gets underway….

As usual all were there early and the TTC team were organised and ready to go….Sarah and Chloe were there supporting which was great. I’m trying to get both involved and I might be getting there.

This was my second Aquathlon and i was determined to start when told and not jump the gun and do an extra 6 lengths like in March!!! A great start to the day was seeing my old swimming pal Nigel Gaskin…We swam together for years but it has been a long time since we last saw each other and the man is a machine in the pool and on foot. I was expecting him to win, and he did!!

As for me the swim started when I should have, got a good start and felt really good. I didn’t want to leave it all in the pool, I wanted to having something left for the run because in March the 5k run felt like a marathon for my 100kg frame.ย Out of the pool, via the steps, every little helps, and out for the run. Running is not my favourite pastime but slow and steady always wins…. well actually no it doesn’t it just looks slow and painful!

Support all the way round was great and thanks to Steph Cox for the pics and video on the way round. Three laps in and I felt better than lap 1, ridiculous but it always happens…. along the back straight on lap 4 and Gaskin flys past like I’m stood still!! And we are finished and a realisation dawns that I need to work on the running… a lot or Tri’s this year will be a disappointment and hard work.

In conclusion a great event with great support and very well organised and i will definitely be doing all four next year. For now i know that running is my main area for improvement and that holy grail of the sub 20 is a target!! Finished 18th overall, but a great morning and great fun… finished with a Cream egg as well!!! Bring on the Tri season….Good luck everyone ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŠ๐Ÿšด๐Ÿƒ