Five Go Crackers at Moreton Morrell

The morning after the Club Christmas Social five brave souls took on the Raceways events Christmas Cracker. There are two options available, a one lap 10k or a two lap 20k of this low key but friendly event. We were split in our choice of distance, with 2 taking on the shorter distance and 3 two lappers!

15666091_10157799737045198_377778396_nI’d decided to take on the 10k, and was joined in my endevour by Becky Lees. As we gathered at the start line, the Crazy Fools 20k’ers lined up at their start line, about 50 meters ahead of us. We had a short briefing from a lady who was easier to hear when shouting, rather than using the megaphone, and waited for the start. I looked up and the 20k’ers we gone! Apparently they get a two minute head start. Both Louise Morey and Lee Ross gave us a supporting wave and we were off.

The start of the race was a bit frantic until the first corner, and then came a long downhill, which stood as a great reminder that it would still be there on the way back. it was at this point I came past the first of the 20k stragglers, “that’s going to be a long day” I thought. as i ran out into the countryside i slowly reeled in the Triathlon Redditch Mad People 20k’ers. I met with Lou ‘Tribot’ Beasley (The second time that day, as like a machine, she was also processing registrations, giving out numbers and Santa Hats!). A quick confirmation that she was doing the 20k and that she was running to a plan, and I was off again. Next up was Steve Taylor – I spotted him in the distance dressed like “Special Ops Santa”, or “Ninja Claus” if you prefer, Dressed head to toe in black, except for the Santa hat. He was looking comfortable, and let me know who was up ahead. It took a while to spot John “the Legge-end” Legge in the distance, and as i was running yp the hill to try and catch him, I looked to the left, and there was a shoot going on, and a couple of game birds dropped out of the sky. Ominous.

I caught up with John at the top of the hill, and he said some encouraging words, and told me to go ahead. I elected to stay with him a bit, needing to gather some more breath having chased him up the hill. After running with John for a short while I spotted an Elf in the distance and decided to make her my next target. It felt like it took forever to catch up with her, and it was not until the end of the loop and that start of the repeat that I managed to overtake.

As we went round the last turning before the big hill into the college, the marshal shouted to me “Don’t get caught by 15683577_10157799736565198_1648157464_nthe Elf!” This is where the race turned surreal. The Elf then shouted “There are two of us now” and the new runner on the scene shouted “No, I’m a Turkey”. The man in a turkey suit caught up and we shared some Turkey based banter: “didn’t you get shot by the guys with guns” ” they did take a few pot shots” and “Please don’t overtake me – i’ll pull your tail feathers” “You’ll have to run faster” though thinking about it, that last one wasn’t entirely Turkey based banter…and he passed me.

Now remember that hill from earlier, yes, so did the Turkey and I. This was the chance I took, and legged it past the Turkey. More Turkey banter was exchanged, and i didn’t look back. At the top of the hill I was greeted by cheers from Louise Morey and Lee Ross, followed shortly by a shout of ‘Don’t get overtaken by the Turkey’. On crossing the finishing line I was given a medal and went to Join the Redditch cheer squad, to cheer Becky, Steve, John and Lou B across the line.


Russell Morey – 00:43:34
Becky Lees – 00:49:45


Steve Taylor – 1:35:09
John Legge – 1:38:05
Lou Beasley – 1:47:13