Ludlow Sprint Triathlon

After being entered on to the waiting list for Ludlow sprint Tri, I was shocked and slightly apprehensive the week before the event to receive confirmation of a place for my second ever Tri. So some last minute training ensued.

FB_IMG_1475266042013We arrived on Sunday nice and early due to other club members participating in earlier waves, so having settled in and watched Mike Griffiths go on his way. I headed for registration, this was a well organised quick process I was given my numbers, t shirt and had my number written on my arm. I then proceeded to the transition area where it was a free for all with racking, so placed my kit where I best thought i would remember. Laid my towel down with some talc powder on the floor (tip: don’t put too much talc on the floor you may be accused of putting a marker down eek….) and tried to put everything in some sort of tidy order. Ten minutes before my start time ofFB_IMG_1475266059177 11.55 i had to be pool side where I was given my timing chip – chip on safety pinned in place,a quick swim brief and we headed for our lanes, 2 to a lane set off at the same time so a straightforward swim up and down.

3, 2, 1 and we were off, having lost count after about 4 lengths I was glad when the lane counter informed me 2 lengths to go. I jumped
out of the pool and ran in to transition quick dry of the feet, Tri belt on, socks on, shoes on, helmet on, FB_IMG_1475266100352fumbling with my gloves and I was finally over the mount line and on the 26k bike course. I was eating up the miles feeling good with calm conditions, when I turned a sharp corner about 8 miles in and a strong headwind slowed me up! The bike route is quite a nice route gently uphill on the way out with a more of a downhill gradient for the last 5 miles, it is partly on quiet country lanes with some busier roads towards the end, it was well marshalled at each turn point. Before I knew it, I was heading back in to transition ready for the last leg. A quick change of shoes and removal of cycling kit and I was out on to the run course, it is an out and back course along a roadside path, no extreme inclines although the turn point being opposite Ludlow food centre did nearly tempt me to cross the road for a bacon butty!! On to the last stretch, telling myself to just keep going, there was a slight incline after the turn point then flat to the finish! I turned the corner and Robert Williams and Mike Griffith’s were there to cheer me on over the finish/ shout at me to sprint – an attempt was made but can’t say it felt any faster.

Having crossed the line the timing chip was removed and I was handed my medal and a bag of goodies – a breakfast pastry has never tasted so good!! Now on to supporting Kelly Massie out on the course.

I think this is a very friendly well organised event and I will be aiming to compete again next year and would recommend it to newbies and seasoned triathletes. – Lily Dewhurst


I’m becoming the king of excuses but… Last year I completed the Ludlow Sprint Tri, being the first event I’d actually trained I was disappointed to tear FB_IMG_1475266049373my hamstring 5 days prior to the event, I completed it but covered in rather fetching red kinesio tape after several physio sessions , this year it was a groin strain 3 weeks prior so little running in the lead up, this didn’t stop me knocking 5 minutes off my time from 2015… I really enjoy this event the pool is in a clean well maintained pool with a detailed briefing, the layout of the transition area leads to smooth entrance and exit for both transitions.

The organisers are very helpful, the cycle course is one lap of some lovely wide country roads. The run is a 6k out and back on a footpath alongside the road but there’s ample space to pass people. There’s official photography, a lovely medal and official timing by stuweb with breakdowns of each discipline and stats in comparison to all categories. I’d recommend this event to both new and experienced athletes alike. Ill be there next year – fingers crossed injury free! – Mike Griffiths

FB_IMG_1474838126821After my disappointment at the 113 I decided to go back to where it all began one year ago and have a go at Ludlow again.

This was my first triathlon last year and I really enjoyed it, I was pretty sure I’d be quicker than last year as I’d certainly improved my cycling in the last 12 months.
However the day before the event I started to come down with a stinking cold, and right up until about 3 hrs before the race I was Screenshot_2016-09-26-13-04-41adamant I wasn’t going to do it… However some random guy called “rob” (not our rob by the way although he is random!!) told me I was being a wimp by not competing!!   So off I went the last of the redditch triathlon members to go with my wave at 13:05…  The 400m pool swim was horrendous mainly because I couldn’t breathe due to the cold!! But I managed an 8:32mins the organisers had allowed me to run into transition with a towel just to dry up most of the water and stop myself getting any more of a cold!

The 16.8 mile bike course was lovely I loved every minute and improved my time from last year by over IMG_20160926_1301074 mins even with the terrible wind (not quite lanzarote standards but it bloody felt like it to me) and the heavens opening with 5 miles left into the ride…   Off the bike and onto the run its a fairly flatish out and back and I also managed to get into a nice running rhythm so I quite enjoyed that bit too!!

The overall result being 1hr34:10 9th female and 7th in age category!  And about 4 mins faster than last year! (oh and beating Mike Griffiths, although I’m not supposed to mention that bit!!)

Really lovely event helpful people and a great first one if your looking to go a bit further than the sprint distance I’d really recommend it. – Kelly Massie