Cotswolds 5km Swim

13901488_10154394787723744_8829057470542188412_nSo today’s event was my first 5k race, it was the Cotswold swimming event (10k,5k,3.8k, 1.5k) ,I’ve done 5k in training but not in a race environment, felt a bit nervous to be honest, saw some GB masters swimmers (gulp) but then thought nope I’m doing this for my own time. 13906701_10154394816308744_8651218881922648530_n parking was a few hundred meters away then a short walk through some woods (like the secret garden), I registered and went to the start to have a nose and look at the lap, 1km loop, so just 5 laps seems ok! They had a wooden shelf unit where you put your own drinks and snacks if you wanted for on the edge of the pontoon which you had to swim to after each lap to do a check in with your timer on your wrist. Lap 2 and 3 I got the worst 13939568_10154394816248744_8657420230862649783_nhead ache ever from my goggles, back at the pontoon I screamed for my boyfriend ( someone else then screamed his name too, lol poor bloke) to bring my spare ones, felt much better and quicker the last two laps, water was great hardly any reeds, good amount of buoys so sighting was really good.13900201_10154394816388744_4239398315208424524_n Happy with my time and now ready for the Dart 10k! (I hope) ?????

– Lorraine Dumont13938422_10154394816323744_7066882504830098172_n