Cotswold 113 Middle Distance Triathlon

I have completed two Half Iron (Middle) distance races with 113 events and on both occasions their organisation and preparation have been pretty good but both times there’s been one quite important detail missed out.

Yes, you get great emails in the run up to the event telling you everything you need to know even down to the temperature of the lake in the final couple of days. Yes, you get familiarisation days where the team will show you the course way before race day. Yes, they have great aid stations with plenty of food, gels and different types of drinks. Yes, it’s a great course which is really well marshaled and, having marshaled with them, can tell you the marshals are treated really well & yes, if things go wrong there’s plenty of help, both mechanical and medical.

However, what’s not so good-on the two occasions I’ve competed on this course there has been rain. Monsoon, deluge, biblical rain and I don’t know why this can’t be sorted….because…..the 113 team have Dave!

Everybody who has raced with 113 events will know Dave. They will certainly have heard him shouting encouragement so loud it’s like a verbal injection of concentrated caffeine infused energy gel with a West Country accent which has the side effect of putting a smile on everyone’s face. Every event should have a Dave. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t tell the clouds to do one. He wouldn’t even need a loudspeaker!

I was slower overall this time than when I did the Cotswold Classic in August (same course, different name). Faster swim and run but slower on the bike. Not too surprising as most of the month’s rain fell whilst I was on the bike, spoiling the view of the beautiful scenery that I know was out there somewhere.

The course itself is well suited to those looking for a PB. You exit the lake for a 50m run into transition and then it’s a flat bike and run course, well pretty flat, there’s a hill to be climbed on the bike section but it’s a nice change of tempo rather than a challenge.

Overall I reckon you’ll be hard pushed to find a similar event of this quality for the same price. I will certainly be entering next year (with a reduced entry fee as I’ll be marshaling at the classic in August).

Just sort that rain out will you Dave!

Stuart MACKAY 5:04:37.1
Martin POTTER 5:28:26.3
Kevin PARSONS 5:47:13.7
Terry HAGGETT 6:08:28.0