Run for Beer Relay 2016

Formerly the Whale Ale Relay, renamed due to sponsor issues, the Run for Beer Relay was held in the Park by the river in Stratford upon avon. Teams of 4 each run a 2 mile loop then pass the baton over to the next team member. Each team is entered in a category and can compete for  the overall win, plus trying to win 13244681_10154384725178394_7956597365885171318_ntheir category. Last year Triathlon Redditch entered three teams, and managed to win a prize, Fastest Sports Club Team (excluding running clubs) – This year we were able to enter Seven teams and were able to defend our win. We also had four other club members running in non club teams for a total of 32 club members taking part. Congratulations go to the Triathlon Redditch Half Pints who defended the trophy and won the Fastest Sports Club Team (excluding running clubs) prize. Well Done Rob, Ben, Chris and Stuart.


Below is a selection of the things club members said about the evening and the club from the race:


Triathlon Redditch Half Pints:

Robert Williams – Painful but enjoyable with a great atmosphere.

Ben Brown – Amazing costumes, great course, fantastic atmosphere, fierce competition from our teams and some seriously quick runners. My highlight however has to be Russell giving that poor little old lady the shock of her life, oh, and the beer !

Stuart Mackay – I didn’t know I could run that fast….. actually yes I do. It’s because I get beer!

Chris Barnes – Great event for families, runners and beer drinkers. Well organised with fantastic atmosphere.


Triathlon Redditch Coming From behind:

Rhona Ulyett Great atmosphere, flat course, seriously fast runners and I’ve never had so many comments about my ar*e in my life.

Helen Tuite – Loved it – even though I had my backside hanging out! Just a nice distance to run – not too short it’s not worth doing, and not too long so most people can take part. Though does anyone know if there’s a ‘wine run’ event, as not keen on beer!

Jeff Mosforth – Just the right distance to be hard and fun at the same time. Trying to catch other Redditch Tri teams made me go faster.

Julie Brown – Lovely race and fab atmosphere…. am happy to donate for auction my ‘stripey shorts with integral bottom’ for club funds! Bit of a questionable results spreadsheet tho…


Triathlon Redditch Leftovers:

Kevin Parsons – Can’t get the picture of Jeff’s arse out of my mind.

Phil Walker – Good team event. Good atmosphere. Nice to do something a bit different. In all sorts of mental/physical pain whilst running, but the beer made it worthwhile.

Mel Skipp – Well organised event, nice flat route and a good mix of abilities. Helped by nice weather.

Daron Fisher – A good event with a great atmosphere. I must remember for next year… although 2 miles isn’t too far if you go off sprinting it’s going to hurt!


Triathlon Redditch the Last and the Furious:

Martin Perry – Loved running as part of a team, fast runners, slower runners and families all mixed together and just having great fun! And beer. What’s not to like…….

John Legge – Very enjoyable evening and well organised. Super vets became vets with addition of Lucy Potter

Philip Hall – Pleased and proud to be able to fly with the rest of the Sky Blues.

Lucy Potter – Amazing team! well done guys, thank you for letting me take part!


Triathlon Redditch Four Pretty Pints:

Lily Dewhurst – Really enjoyed the team and club spirit, but 2 miles is deffo further than it sounds haha! Great event looking forward to next year already.

Sue Turner – It’s amazing that events like this can bring so many people together and have a fabulous time.

Clare Lammas – A great, easygoing event that suits people of all ages and capabilities in a beautiful part of the world. What’s not to love x.


Triathlon Redditch Running Scared:

Russell Morey – Extremely pleased to see that the club got SEVEN teams out, it was like a sea of light Blue. As for the race – I hate running 2 miles, it hurts too much. My lungs are still in pain now!

Neil Ogden – A fantastic Enjoyable evening with team mates – running around sunny Stratford and rewarded with a beer! Brilliant!! Well done all in team Triathlon Redditch.


Triathlon Redditch Brunette Beauties:

Charlotte Hewer – Chasing you [Russell Morey] down was a bad move !!! Epic fail !! 

Jayne Perry – Very well organised event and I just love running with a baton …. I feel a true athlete especially with your team mates!!

Lisa Rushton – Great fun, excellent course and brilliant support from the other Triathlon Redditch teams!

Suz West – Great fun race. Brilliant atmosphere and great beer at end.Worth running flat out for beer. Enjoyed my first event as a club member!


Results – Team

Position     Team Name                                                         Category                Time
11                Triathlon Redditch Running Scared              Vet 160                   00:51:17
12                Triathlon Redditch half pints                         Sports Club            00:51:37
31                Triathlon Redditch Brunette Beauties          Women’s Team     00:56:36
36               Triathlon Redditch Last And Furious             Vet 160                   00:57:32
60               Triathlon Redditch leftovers                            Vet 160                   01:02:54
92               Triathlon Redditch Coming From Behind     Vet 200                   01:18:27
93               Triathlon Redditch: Four Pretty Pints            Women’s Team     01:19:10

Fastest Male
Neil Ogden – 11:30
Stuart Mackay – 12:09
Russell Morey – 12:34

Fastest Female
Kelly Massie – 13:26 (club member, non club team)
Charlotte Hewer – 13:40
Suz West – 13:48