Banbury Sprint Triathlon 2016

This is a friendly well organised and increasingly popular season starter. Best part is the 50m open water pool. Hilly bike course and good run course – John Legge

This was my 3rd ever triathlon, having started this year to do multiple sport events. It was a lovely spring day, everyone happy to be volunteering, especially the ladies at registration.

Loads of space for setting my my mighty morphin’ transition area ready for 8.30. I was set to go and have an hours kip and wait for my something past 11 start time! Once I’d got the blue power ranger suit on, another nice chat with more volunteers and I was ready to start!

Snake swim is the style of the day, with no tumble turns at the shallow end and a duck under the rope you wind your way across the pool. Jump out, then over a low wall and run to the bike! Once morphed into cycle-man, helmet on before unracking.

With a run to the mount line, I was glad I’d put my bike in an easy gear for the hill out if the car park. Once out of the suburbs and into the country, up and down a few hills, I was really enjoying the ride! Snaking through the villages and flying all the way! If it wasn’t for another runner coming straight across my path, braking hard to avoid riding over him, it was fun!

Back into transition for the run, a quick shoe swap and I was running away. Be careful crossing the road I was told and ran straight across. Slight hills on the way slowing the pace. A quick turn around and it was downhill to the finish!

Stuart Mackay

Banbury 2

John Legge – 01:24:13

Stuart Mackay – 01:09:37

Rob Williams – 01:21:02

Lily Dewhurst: 01:41:27