Go Tri Duathlon Event information

Hello Entrants
We have 3 weeks to go until the GoTri Duathlon which is being held on Sunday 17th April at The Abbey Stadium, Redditch!

We hope your training is going well. Registration will be open 2pm – 2:40pm. Start time is 3pm on the track. Please arrive 10 minutes beforehand.
There are just a few reminders we need to do before the event:

  • Please ensure you register BEFORE you put your bike and other items in transition.
  • Your race number will be given to you at registration. We will write it on your hand, arm and leg. We will also give you 2 stickers with your number on – one needs to go on your bike on the front crossbar, and the other on your helmet.
  • When arriving at transition your bike will need to be roadworthy (you may want to take with you on the course a bicycle puncture repair kit). Your bike will be checked as you enter by one of our marshals to ensure your numbers are in place and you have your helmet.
  • Please use the changing rooms beforehand – The lockers are 20p. You will need to store all of your other personal belongings in there.
  • Due to new regulations, no boxes are allowed to remain in transition.
  • The cycle course is out and back. There will be marshals at the main junctions and at the turning point – they are NOT there to stop traffic. It is YOUR responsibility to stop and look for oncoming traffic and move on when it is safe to do so.
  • This is the 2nd run course on strava – the first run will start on the track and ran in reverse.
  • It will be marshalled. It is a 2 lap multi-terrain course. If the weather conditions are poor on the day then we will use the track. This will be decided on the day.
  • When you cross the finish line please show your number to the marshal. They will need your number to complete the finish times.
  • Finish times will be published within 48 hours.
  • Transition will shut at 2:50pm (10 minutes before start time) and will not reopen until the last cyclist has returned off the cycle course and started their final run.Please DO NOT try and retrieve your bike beforehand. All bikes will be checked for the correct corresponding number on collection from transition, so please ensure you do not rub your number off your hand.

Also, we do have a waiting list, so if you now are unable to make the event, can you please let me know.

Kind regards
Jayne Perry
Race Director
GoTri Duathlon

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