Critical Swim Speed Training

Firstly well done everyone, some great swimming and good to see you really pushing hard. Now the fun begins…

Here is a file showing your swim times

Over the next few weeks we will be working on building stamina and speed for your swim times, also looking at pacing and giving you a better idea of what is sustainable in the season to come. After 4 – 5 weeks training we will test again to see what improvement we’ve all made.

The sheet linked here shows your times, a bit of a explanation of the headings…

  • 400m – Your total time for the 400 FC Swim
  • 200m – Your total time for the 200 FC Swim
  • 1 Length Pace – This is the calculated time you should look to train at for each length you swim.

The best way to train to this time is with the tempo trainer I mentioned the other day, you set the time and it beeps after the amount of seconds you set. This will be a challenging pace around 85-90% effort. Getting better is never easy…!!!

  • CSS Pace – If your using the clock this is the pace you should swim at for 100m(4 Lengths)
  • Lane if we have 6 lanes

I’ve tried to use the times to give you all a idea of what lane you should be swimming in with people of a similar ability. This is not a exact science but will give you a idea of where to head when on poolside. Of course it will depend on number of swimmers that turn up and remember there is still the option of swimming in lane 1 with Leigh Shakespeare if there is anything specific you want coaching on. This will also give you a guide as to the lane order of swimmers as well, again not exact and as people develop I’ll start to move people up and of course even down!!!!! to match their ability.

I’ve tried to add in the swimmers that normally turn up on a regular basis (apologies if I’ve missed you) and taken a guess at your pace, if I.m wildly wrong apologies, but we can put this right over the next few weeks. Or if you want a exact time, you need to swim a 400m at max pace, 15 minutes easy then a 200m at max pace and send me the times.

The weeks we have 3 lanes, well split up the best we can over the 3 lanes, but with growing numbers every week, we may have to start to offer swim on a first come these weeks and offer a alternative session. As a guide, the weeks we have 6 lanes will also have some drills introduced which is where we will start to use the fins, weeks where we have 3 lanes, will be more about putting in the distance following our CSS times.

I’m going to Write a generic set that you can take away with you, the idea being that if your doing some additional training in the week (Ideally you should be) you have something to follow.

Coach Martin