Go Tri Aquathon Information

We have just under 4 weeks to go until the GoTri Aquathlon being held on Sunday 28th February, at The Abbey Stadium, Redditch! We hope your training is going well.
Registration is open 2pm – 2:30pm. The first participant will be off at 3:20pm.
There are just a few reminders we need to do before the event:

  • Please use the changing rooms beforehand – The lockers are 20p (Non refundable). You will need to store all of your personal belongings in there.
  • We will display a list of start times at registration – please make sure you check what time you are off. You must be poolside 15 minutes before your allocated time.
  • We recommend that tri suits or suitable swimwear is worn for the swim.
  • In transition we recommend that you have layered clothing. If it is cold / windy you may wish to also have a running jacket, hat and gloves – remember you will be very wet! You will also need socks to run in, a towel on the floor to put your items on and of course your running shoes. NB. please remember a spare pair of shoes, as once you put your running shoes in transition you will still need to get around – we do not recommend barefoot.
  • As the weather is very unpredictable at the moment, if you wish to do so you may put a spare towel poolside so you can head into transition with this around you. You will not be allowed back into the changing room to get changed or dry off.
  • Due to new regulations, no boxes are allowed to remain in transition.
  • For the swim you must do either front crawl or breast stroke. Back stroke and butterfly are not permitted.
  • This is the run course on strava 
  • The run will be marshalled. It is a 2 lap multi-terrain course. If the weather conditions are poor on the day then we will use the track. This will be decided on the day.
  • When you cross the finish line please show your number to the marshal. They will need your number to complete the finish times. Finish times will be published within 48 hours.

Also, we do have a waiting list, so if you now are unable to make the event, can you please let me know.

Jayne Perry
Race Director
GoTri Aquathlon