Caring For Your Bike Through Winter

‘Winter miles, summer smiles’ means that if you want to start the season next year without having to start again somewhere near the beginning, you should carry on riding over the winter. It doesn’t have to be much, but just keeping your legs turning over is going to pay dividends in March, when the roads are suddenly reopened for general cycling.

A major negative of winter riding is the effect it has on your bike. Mud and crud will cover all parts of the frame, wheels and groupset. But with some simple steps, you can nurse it through these harsh months and have it as strong and ready to go as you will be in the spring.

Top tip: WD40 or GT85 are degreasers. They shouldn’t be used anywhere where they can penetrate into hubs or bearings such as around the wheel hubs, or around the bottom bracket. In fact, it’s difficult to make a case for either of those products to be useful on any part of a bike, as other products are better degreasers, and anything else that needs lubricating should be done with specialist products for the particular item e.g. chain oil or crank grease.

Wheel Rims and Brakes

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Cassette, Crank and Chain

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Bottom Bracket

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